Die Macht der Science-Fiction

Gerade eben bin ich zufällig über ein Interview mit Alexander Siddig (Dr. Julian Bashir aus Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) gestolpert, und seine Antwort auf eine der Fragen hat mich sehr nachdenklich gemacht – vor allem in Hinblick auf die Kritik der Oberflächlichkeit, die den neuesten Filmen der Star-Trek-Franchise (völlig zu Recht, meiner Meinung nach!) angelastet wird.

Question: Why do you think science fiction is always ahead of the curve, in terms of dealing with things without skin-deep judgments?

Siddig: Yeah. Well, the power of allegory. Abstraction can take the most harrowing, complicated real-life situation and say, “But this is actually just two grapes talking and they’re talking to a weird sunflower.” They’ve abstracted the humanity out of it and transplanted it into something else that is much more comfortable.  Much easier to cope with and gives the writer enormous freedom. I mean, you can do really dark, full-on stuff and take it so far away, to a spaceship somewhere miles and miles away on a funny little planet where the creatures are barely recognizable. That and the fact that they work with massive archetypes that we can’t really work with. Only Batman movies can work with those. […] THAT’s the power of sci-fi. I love sci-fi, computer games. I love any escapes.  Give me them all.  I’ll take all of them and, yeah, I think that’s the strength of that genre.

Verdammt, der Mann hat Recht. Das ganze Interview (hauptsächlich über seinen – nicht mehr ganz so – neuen und ebenso großartigen Film “Cairo Time”) gibt’s hier zu lesen.


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